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Genie AI
neural network, trading android.


Genie AI is a revolutionary new technology that was developed by a team of professional programmers and mathematicians from OFEK Technology Inc., on a special order for OFEK Hi-Tech Investment Foundation, Netherlands.

The technology represents a major breakthrough in the field of artificial intelligence, and can transform a wide range of opportunities in exchange trading, covering multiple markets at the same time.


Genie AI is an innovative trading android that uses artificial intelligence created to make smart trading transactions in global markets for maximum profit.

The development of Genie AI began with the creation of a complex mathematical model that simulates the functioning of the human brain. This model was then programmed into a powerful computer system that is capable of processing vast amounts of data at lightning speed. The result is an AI system that is able to learn from its experiences, adapt to new situations, and make decisions based on its understanding of the financial world and exchange markets.

One of the key benefits of Genie AI is its ability to process large amounts of data quickly and accurately. This makes it an ideal tool for catchall financial analysis. Genie AI could be used to analyze market trends and predict changes in stock prices, cryptocurrency rate or other financial indicators. This makes it possible to make more informed decisions in the process of exchange trading, and minimize risks.

Another benefit of Genie AI is its ability to learn from its experiences. This means that as it processes more data and makes more decisions, it becomes increasingly accurate and effective. The more Genie AI continues to analyze data and make trading transactions, the process of self-improvement of the system takes place. And the more trading transactions Genie AI makes, the more efficient and effective the Genie AI system becomes, delivering better results.

One of the key features of Genie AI is the ability to conduct trading transactions simultaneously on 18 different exchanges across various markets. In other words, Genie AI enables trading on the stock, financial, and cryptocurrency markets all at once. In addition to its advanced trading capabilities, Genie AI also provides a range of useful tools and resources to help make informed trading decisions. This includes access to real-time market data, updates on financial news, and analytical solutions that can be tailored to individual trading preferences, allowing users to achieve their financial goals.

Genie AI was developed over a period of three years and underwent 12 months of testing under real trading conditions on stock, financial, and cryptocurrency markets. All test transactions were conducted on leading global exchanges such as New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), NASDAQ, Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Taiwan Stock Exchange, Deutsche Börse AG, Binance, Kraken, ByBit, Huobi, Coinbase, and FOREX trading platforms.

OFEK Hi-Tech Investment Foundation utilizes Genie AI as a powerful and reliable trading solution, which ensures the achievement of OFEK Hi-Tech Investment Foundation's stated objectives and financial goals.

More detailed information about the project:

bifacial technology

The beginning of the company "OFEK Technology Inc.", will be the start of the project - GEC GREENENERGYCOIN. 

GEC GREENENERGYCOIN is a project focused on the energy sector of the global economy in the field of "Green Energy" - the production of electricity from renewable energy sources.

The project is focused on the construction of network solar power plants (SPP) in the Balkans (Montenegro and  Croatia) to sell electricity to a centralized network without intermediate accumulation.

Electricity is sold to consumers through the connection of power plants to Montenegro and Croatia's energy networks.

In the process of implementing the project, it is planned to provide electricity generation on the basis of renewable sources.

Developed by OFEK Technology Inc., bifacial technology for solar panels opens up new possibilities for increasing energy efficiency. This innovative technology allows for a 50% increase in the amount of generated electricity!


Bifacial technology provides a unique approach to solar radiation collection. Unlike traditional one-sided solar panels, bifacial panels can capture solar energy from both sides. This means that they can efficiently utilize not only direct sunlight but also reflected light that falls on the backside of the panel.

With this technology, you will be able to significantly enhance the performance of your solar energy system. Bifacial panels ensure high energy efficiency even in conditions with a lack of direct sunlight, such as cloudy weather or being in the shade. As a result, you will obtain 50% more generated electricity, reducing dependence on traditional energy sources and decreasing environmental impact.

When implementing the GEC GREENENERGYCOIN project, only innovative technology will be used at its solar power plants - bifacial technology.


During the implementation of the project it is planned to build a network of solar power plants with a total power of 600 MW.

The total electricity capacity will be: 1,438,540,009.04 KW per year.

Project implementation period is: 5 years.

The payback period is: 3 years.

The operation of solar power plants is completely safe for the environment, and will help preserve the beauty of nature in the Balkan region. Solar power plants are real ways to protect against climate change without creating new threats to the modern World.

More detailed information about the project  

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