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Security Token
OTI Equity Token


Token description: OTI Equity Token (hereinafter OTI) - created as a brand new securitization token, which includes all the necessary requirements for securitization tokens under US law and SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) regulations, USA.
OTI Equity Token, are digitally secured securities; Convertible Eurobonds / CONVERTIBLE PROMISSORY NOTE, on which dividends are accrued and paid to Investors. The amount of dividends is 22% per year.  OTI Equity Token, secured by shares of OFEK Technology Inc. In the future, Convertible Eurobonds / CONVERTIBLE PROMISSORY NOTE can be exchanged for shares of OFEK Technology Inc. and investors will be able to become shareholders of OFEK Technology Inc. and participate in the revenues of OFEK Technology Inc.
OTI Equity Token - combines the best world developments of leading programmers such as the developers of security tokens for Harbor, Polymath and Sucuritize.

Requirements for Buyers:  The Buyer must place to place their personal data on the "White List" to receive OTI Equity Token. Placement of the Buyer on the "white list" will be carried out after the Buyer has passed the KYC / AML procedure. 
OTI Equity Token will be qualified as a private offering to accredited investors in accordance with the laws and regulations of all countries where it will be sold. This allows us to comply with KYC / AML regulations and eliminates the cost and delay of a public offering.

Compliance with U.S. Regulations: OTI Equity Token, complies with the Securities Act of 1933, Exchange Act of 1934, JOBS Act of 2012.  OTI Equity Token, complies with Regulation D and Regulation S for private offerings. Which provides for a one-year (360 day) ban on resale of OTI Equity Token from the date of purchase for U.S. Buyers who are "White List" by OFEK Technology Inc.

Trading rules for other jurisdictions may be added and updated depending on the requirements of the regulator of the jurisdiction in which the Buyer is located.

The U.S. Regulatory Service is updatable, so the issuer of OTI Equity Token may add and update trading rules in the future.

Registry: buyers on OFEK Technology Inc. whitelists are linked to the OFEK Technology Inc. shareholder registry system. Thus, this security can be used to sell and register real stock transactions for companies in all the many jurisdictions that require a shareholder registry, including Delaware, USA.

Replacement of lost tokens: OTI Equity Token, contains a system for replacing tokens lost due to key issues or hacking. The issuer and arbitrator can agree and sign a transaction to replace the tokens. This is potentially a huge step forward for investors who must carefully safeguard their client assets.

Legal aspects and functionality of OTI Equity Token:

1. Token Name: OTI Equity Token  
2. Symbol : OTI
3. Total quantity: 465,000,000
4. Nominal value of one token: 1OTI = US$ 1.00
5. Permissioned ERC-20 smart contract representing ownership of securities:                                       
6. Compatible with existing wallets and exchanges that support the ERC-20 token standard. 
7. Overrides the existing ERC-20 transfer method to check with an on-chain Regulator Service for trade approval. 
8. Contains the permissions necessary for regulatory compliance. 
9. Supports SEC Regulation D lockup rule. 360 days from date of purchase.

10. Accounts for regulatory requirement changes over time. 

11. Issuer: OFEK Technology Inc., USA. 

12. List of who can be a OTI Equity Token buyer (Holders): Accredited investor; US citize; Non US citizen. 
13. List of documents that can prove that Holder can buy OTI Equity Token in accordance with the procedure KYC/AML.

14. Holder Rights: Get interest in the amount of 22% per annum;  Convert Note to common stock of  OFEK Technology Inc., USA;  Sell, donate, bequeath, lay OTI Equity Token after written (another conformation) Issuer. 

15.  Completing the procedure KYC/AML for the Buyer: required.
16.  Purchase date (closing date) - the moment payment is received and the Buyer is added to the White List.
17.  Payment procedure for this agreement / token: 

  • Prepayment;  

  • Payment currency: USD, EUR, GBP, CHF, CAD; 

  • Crypto currency: BTC, ETH, USDT;  

  • Payment method: Bank transfer, Blockchain system,  Payment system.

18. The term of enrollment of the OTI Equity Token to the Bayer/Holder wallet is 1-2 working days from the moment payment and the  Bayer/Holder was included in the "White List". 
19. OTI Equity Token delivery to the Bayer/Holder wallet - transaction from the Seller/ Issuer wallet to the  Bayer/Holder wallet. 
20. Convertibility - exchange Convertible Eurobonds / CONVERTIBLE PROMISSORY NOTE for a company share - A simple share (ordinary share) with voting rights.
21.  Conditions for conversion - The date after which the next event did not occur. - Interest not paid on time  at the rate of 22%, 30 days after one year from the date of purchase.
22. Targeted use of Loan -  implementation of own projects and development of the Company OFEK Technology Inc., USA;
23. Purpose of the purchase of Convertible Eurobonds / CONVERTIBLE PROMISSORY NOTE - Bayer/Holder purchases for itself and not for resale. can not resell it (whole or part). 
24. Westing period: 360 days from the date of purchase of OTI Equity Token by the Seller/Holder.
25. Replacement of lost tokens. The token includes a system for replacing tokens lost due to key problems or hacking.  
26. Conditions for resale: 

  • Date after which you can resell - after 360 days from the date of purchase of OTI Equity Token by the Seller/Holder.

  • Issuer's request for permission to sell - after 360 days from the date of purchase of OTI Equity Token by the Seller/Holder.

  • Issuer consent to the sale, testament, gift, succession - within 10 working days from the date of receipt of the request from the Buyer/Holder.


● Public sale starts (ETO) : 08.01.2024  
● Private sale duration:  no limit
● Discounting the public sale:  N/A 
● Presale starts: 01.10. 2023 
● Amount OTI  for Presale: 156,500,000.00 
● Presale duration: no limit 

● Min. Investment Amount: $500.00  
● Max. Investment Amount: Unlimited 
● Min. Ticket Size: $10,000.00 
● Max. Ticket Size: Unlimited 
● Token Name:  OTI Equity Token 
● Token Symbol: OTI 
● Token Standard: ERC20 
● Price of OTI: US$1,00 
● Available for sale:156,500,000.00  
● Max. OTI Supply: 156,500,000.00  
● Currencies accepted in ETO: USD; EUR; GBP; CHF; CAD; BTC; ETH; USDT
● Westing period: 360 days 
● Token Trading: Potentially tradable  
● Divident's: 22% (annually) 
● Token rights: equity ownership 
● Voting rights: Yes 
● Advisory Board: No 
● Liquidation Preference: No 
● KYC: Required 
● Token Distribution: You receive your OTI Equity Token after the investment process has been finalized.

● Additional issue/Fork token: allowed

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