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Investing in OTI Equity Token: Simple, Accessible, and Understandable.

Many people interested in financial markets have encountered the concept of investing in digital assets and may struggle to grasp and comprehend this innovation in today's world. Investing involves a strategy for intelligent money management aimed at increasing capital. Today, we will discuss how to invest in OTI Equity Token and why it can be simple, accessible, and understandable for every investor.

1.What is OTI Equity Token?

OTI Equity Token represents a traditional security, a debt obligation of OFEK Technology Inc., USA.

OTI Equity Token is considered a Convertible Eurobond or its U.S. equivalent - CONVERTIBLE PROMISSORY NOTES.

The only difference between OTI Equity Token and traditional securities is that OTI Equity Token is issued in a digital format using blockchain technology.

Holders/Buyers who invest money in OTI Equity Token receive dividends at a rate of 22% per annum.

In terms of its status, OTI Equity Token is:

  • A Security Token – a security in digital format.

  • Equity Token – a security backed by shares (capital) of OFEK Technology Inc., USA.

The growth of OTI Equity Token's value is directly tied to the increase in the value of shares and the market capitalization of OFEK Technology Inc., USA.

  • OTI Equity Token is a convertible security in digital format.

This means that OTI Equity Token can be exchanged for shares of OFEK Technology Inc., USA, and holders of OTI Equity Token become shareholders of OFEK Technology Inc., USA.


2. Legitimacy of OTI Equity Token.

OTI Equity Token is fully legitimate and operates within the legal framework of the USA. OTI Equity Token fully complies with U.S. legislation:

  • Securities Act of 1933,

  • Exchange Act of 1934,

  • JOBS Act of 2012.

The turnover of OTI Equity Token in the financial market is regulated by rules established by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), USA.


The lock-up period for OTI Equity Token is 360 days (one year) from the date of purchase by the Buyer/Investor.

This means that an investor who purchases OTI Equity Token cannot resell it within 360 days from the date of purchase.

The lock-up period does not affect the payment of dividends. The Holder/Investor of OTI Equity Token receives dividends of 22% annually based on the investment amount.


3. Trading of OTI Equity Token in the Financial Market.

OTI Equity Token will be sold through Equity Token Offering (ETO), and specialized international exchanges that facilitate trading in Security Tokens and Equity Tokens.


The sale of OTI Equity Token through Equity Token Offering (ETO) will start on January 8, 2024, and continue until the commencement of trading on the exchange for OTI Equity Token. The price of OTI Equity Token during the Equity Token Offering (ETO) will correspond to its nominal value: 1.00 OTI Equity Tokens = 1.00 USD. No discount is provided during the Equity Token Offering (ETO).


The process of buying/selling OTI Equity Token through STO and ETO is carried out by signing private agreements with OFEK Technology Inc., USA, or its financial agent - OFEK Consulting d.o.o., Montenegro.


After OTI Equity Token is listed on the exchange, its value will be determined by the market, which will be reflected in its market price.


4. Transferring OTI Equity Token to the Investor.

The transfer of OTI Equity Token to the investor is carried out within 24-48 hours after the payment for OTI Equity Token is received by the seller.

Payment for OTI Equity Token can be made in both fiat currency and cryptocurrency.

OTI Equity Token will be sent to the investor/buyer on their ETH wallet, which must support the ERC-20 standard.

Exchange wallets for transferring OTI Equity Token are not accepted and not used.

We recommend that investors use digital ETH wallets to receive OTI Equity Token: MetaMask, MyEtherWallet (MEW), Trust Wallet.


5. Investing in OTI Equity Token: Benefits and Advantages.

OTI Equity Token is a digital-format security. Investing in securities is one of the most common ways to invest capital for potential profit. Securities are documents certifying ownership or a share in a company, as well as the rights of owners to the income from its activities.


OTI Equity Token is a convertible bond, which is a hybrid financial instrument that combines the characteristics of bonds and stocks. Convertible bonds have a special feature according to which the Holder/Owner of the bond can exchange it for shares of the issuer. This mechanism gives convertible bonds unique characteristics, including efficiency and liquidity.


Efficiency of OTI Equity Token as convertible bonds:

Portfolio diversification: OTI Equity Token, as convertible bonds, provide investors with the opportunity to diversify their portfolios, receiving stable income from interest and potentially benefiting from the growth of the issuer's - OFEK Technology Inc. - stocks.

Protection against price declines: During periods of stock market decline, convertible bonds can provide capital protection due to their bond component; fixed and stable dividend payments (coupon payments) and return of the principal amount in case of redemption.


Liquidity of OTI Equity Token as convertible bonds:

Market tradability: OTI Equity Token is traded both on closed, private markets; Security Token Offering (STO) and Equity Token Offering (ETO), and on public financial markets, providing liquidity and the ability for quick buying and selling.

Trading volume: The liquidity of OTI Equity Token, as convertible bonds, also depends on their total trading volume and investors' interest in these securities.


Holders of OTI Equity Token have several advantages and opportunities that make this financial instrument attractive.


Let's consider the main advantages for Holders of OTI Equity Token (convertible bonds):

Potential to participate in stock price growth: Holders of OTI Equity Token, as convertible bonds, have the opportunity to convert their bonds into shares of the Issuer at a predetermined conversion price. This allows them to participate in stock price growth and make a profit.

  • Stable dividend payments:

OTI Equity Token, as convertible bonds, imply stable dividend payments throughout their term. This gives holders an additional source of income.

Reduced risk compared to common stocks: Investing in OTI Equity Token, as convertible bonds, involves a lower level of risk compared to direct investment in stocks, as bonds provide capital protection in the form of a bond component.

  • Portfolio diversification:

Holders of OTI Equity Token, as convertible bonds, can use them to diversify their portfolios, combining the advantages of both bonds and the potential for stock growth.

More attractive interest rates: Interest rates on dividends (coupons) of convertible bonds can be higher compared to regular bonds due to the possibility of conversion into shares and participation in the earnings of the Issuer - OFEK Technology Inc.


6. How Investors' Money is Utilized by OFEK Technology Inc.

OFEK Technology Inc. uses investors' money for a range of strategic objectives and operations aimed at developing the business, innovation, project implementation, and increasing the value of the Company - OFEK Technology Inc.


The main areas where OFEK Technology Inc. utilizes investors' funds:

  • Research and development:

Development and creation of new technologies, projects, products, and services, as well as improvement and implementation of existing technologies, projects, products, and services. Research and scientific studies in various fields of science that open up opportunities for creating new technologies, projects, products, and services.

  • Business expansion:

Expanding the business, entering new markets, countries, or regions, as well as launching new products or services.

  • Marketing and advertising:

Promoting the created and already created products and the company's brand in international markets, as well as attracting new consumers, customers, and clients.

  • Infrastructure and technological equipment:

Creating, updating, and improving the technological and production base, including equipment, software, and infrastructure.

  • Talent attraction and retention:

Investing in personnel, training, staff development, and creating an attractive working environment for talented specialists.

  • Financing operations:

Ensuring current financial operations of the company, including salaries, rent, material purchases, etc.

  • Financial stability:

Maintaining the financial stability of the company and reserves for unforeseen circumstances.


The financial strategy and use of funds by OFEK Technology Inc. may change over time depending on various factors, including the current state of the market, the company's strategic priorities, innovative projects, marketing research, technological development, and other factors.


OFEK Technology Inc. strives to balance the investments received, focusing on innovation and the long-term sustainability of the business. This allows them to remain competitive, adapt quickly to market changes, meet the requirements of the times and consumers of the products and services of OFEK Technology Inc., and fulfill their financial obligations to investors.


Conclusion: Investing in OTI Equity Token is an attractive opportunity for anyone looking to increase their capital, diversify their investment portfolio, and participate in innovative technologies. Thanks to the simplicity and accessibility of the investment process, as well as the opportunity to participate in the management of OFEK Technology Inc., OTI Equity Token can be an interesting choice for investors of all experience levels.

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