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The main goal of this direction of development is to create and introduce innovative high-tech medical equipment and technologies to the market. The future of medicine is linked to the development of technology, and their implementation in practice already allows achieving excellent results in the medical field.

Currently, the strategic goal is to enter the market with two revolutionary high-tech products: QUASAR, and ALPINE AIRBREATH PROTECTOR, which provide protection against the negative effects of airborne transmission of diseases by preventing the inhalation of infectious pathogens from the air.

QUASAR is synergy of several technologies in one device, which provide fast and effective disinfection.

 It is designed for emergency (urgent) and planned one-step disinfection (in a matter of minutes with an efficiency of 99.9%) of air and open surfaces in rooms from all types of microflora, including microorganisms with high primary (natural) and secondary (acquired, i.e. hospital strains) resistance. TWO OPERATION MODES: 1. Empty spaces - no people; 2. Rooms with people.


Ultraviolet radiation by pulsed UV lamps have continuous spectrum (200-350 nm), close in composition to the solar light. ((Mercury UV lamps have limit of light spectrum 254 nm)).
Extension of the spectral range of radiation to 200–350 nm makes it possible to cause multichannel photochemical damage to virus/bacteria DNA, simultaneously causing photodimerization, photohydration, cross-linking with proteins, and forming DNA strand breaks with the help of high-energy quanta. Radiation shorter than 240 nm leads to the destruction of protein, inactivation of enzymes, to the production of OH- radicals from water molecules, intensifying the mechanisms of microflora inactivation, which, in turn, is accompanied by a sharp decrease in the activity of recovery processes.



Permanent high-performance respiratory masks for public use. The mask is designed for prolonged and reusable use, and provides protection against various viruses during pandemics. The Breath Protector mask can be used by anyone not only during a viral pandemic, but also as an excellent means of protection against urban smog, odors, and allergens.

Permanent high-performance respiratory masks can be used by medical personnel in infectious hospitals, operating rooms, and other settings with an increased risk of infection from infectious, viral, and respiratory diseases.

The main difference from similar devices is the "know-how" air purification technology. The developed highly effective mobile disinfection station, which is attached to a belt, allows to purify the inhaled air by 99.9% from various viral and bacterial infections, allergens, and different technological impurities.

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